SIREN Condemns Senate’s Failure to Find Solution for DREAMers and Racist Amendments to Senate Immigration Bill

Media Contact: Erik Schnabel, Development and Communications Manager
Phone Number: (408) 453-3003

This week, the Senate began the long anticipated debate on a bill to provide a solution for DREAMers which has been urgently needed since Trump ended the DACA program months ago. In reality, the stage for this bill began during the presidential campaign where Trump propelled to his eventual victory on racist anti-immigrant rhetoric and propaganda. 

The debate that began in the Senate this week was a natural result of this destructive campaign to demonize immigrants and people of color. Senators on both sides of the aisle caved into Trump’s agenda by introducing damaging amendments that continued the racist pandering  rather than focusing on a narrow solution for DREAMers. In the end, the Senate could not reach 60 votes on any amendments. 

SIREN has been weighing in with our California Senators throughout this debate, given that Senators Feinstein and Harris may have been convinced to vote for the worst amendments. We commend our California Senators for standing firm against harmful amendments that would have punished “sanctuary” jurisdictions and codified Trump’s immigration proposal to severely curtail family immigration, end the diversity visa program, and create a border wall. Yet, we are strongly disappointed that Senator Feinstein voted in favor of the Rounds-King amendment, the Immigration and Security Opportunity Act, which would have prevented the parents of DREAMers from being sponsored by their DREAMer children for a green card if they were involved in bringing their children to the US, eliminated the ability of green card holders to sponsor their unmarried adult children, placed an age cap on individuals being eligible for DREAM, appropriated $25 billion for a border wall, and codified Trump’s enforcement priorities to take away prosecutorial discretion.    

SIREN’s Executive Director Maricela Gutiérrez stated, “SIREN strongly condemns the introduction of the racist, anti-immigrant amendments and the Senate’s failure today to move forward with a narrow legislative solution for DREAMers. We are glad that enough Senators voted against the worst amendments but are saddened to see them unable to move forward with vote on a bill that focuses solely on DREAM and would enjoy bipartisan support. But this proves once again that the Senate needs to stop trying to package unacceptable amendments that many voters are opposed to and to instead urgently focus on a narrow solution for DREAMers. They should be making their decisions based on striving for justice and equality with a clean DREAM Act as their guiding light, not on demonization and lies set up by Trump. We will continue this fight and it is not yet over.. ”

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Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) Speaks Out on Congressional Budget Vote That Once Again Ignored a Clean DREAM Act

Media Contact: Erik Schnabel, Development and Communications Manager
Phone Number: (408) 453-3003

Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) Speaks Out on Congressional Budget Vote That Once Again Ignored a Clean DREAM Act

In the middle of the night, the Senate and the House of Representatives disappointed 86% of America by passing a bill for a continuing budget resolution to keep the government open for the second time in three weeks. Despite the efforts to keep a conversation going to ensure a clean DREAM Act gets a fair vote in Congress, both Republicans and Democrats ignored the looming deadline to address the uncertainty that DREAMers face particularly as we quickly approach the March 5 DACA deadline. Disappointingly, a majority of our members of Congress chose to side with racism and dismiss the voices of millions of Americans to address the situation and voted to sell out DREAMers. 

SIREN condemns this callous attempt to ignore what is a serious and urgent crisis. Next week, the Senate is slated to take up an immigration bill which could be subjected to amendments that harm the immigrant community. SIREN Executive Director Maricela Gutiérrez commented, “Congress failed DREAMers and the immigrant community once again by passing a continuing resolution with no immigration solutions. Instead, too many members of Congress are showing their lack of concern for these brave young people. With the Senate debate expected next week, Congress cannot fail us again. Now is the time to ensure that Congress addresses this crisis and passes a bill that is a clean DREAM bill without a border wall, cuts to the family immigration system, or elimination of the diversity visa program  We need to make sure that Congress solves this crisis now and does not cave into the will of racists and a bully in the White House by supporting any anti-immigrant amendments."

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Red de Servicios, Derechos de los Inmigrantes y Educación (SIREN) Habla Sobre el Voto del Congreso Sobre El Presupuesto Que Una Vez Más Ignoró Una Acta de DREAM Limpia

En medio de la noche, el Senado y la Cámara de Representantes decepcionaron al 86% de los Estados Unidos al aprobar un proyecto de ley para una resolución presupuestaria continua para mantener el gobierno abierto por segunda vez en tres semanas. A pesar de los esfuerzos por mantener una conversación para garantizar que una Acta DREAM limpia tenga un voto justo en el Congreso, tanto republicanos como demócratas ignoraron la fecha límite inminente para abordar la incertidumbre que enfrentan los DREAMers cuando nos acercamos rápidamente a la fecha límite del 5 de marzo de DACA. Decepcionantemente, la mayoría de nuestros miembros del Congreso decidieron ponerse de parte del racismo y rechazar las voces de millones de estadounidenses para abordar la situación y votaron a favor de vender DREAMers.

SIREN condena este insensible intento de ignorar lo que es una crisis grave y urgente. La semana próxima, el Senado tiene previsto emprender un proyecto de ley de inmigración que podría estar sujeto a enmiendas que dañan a la comunidad inmigrante. La directora ejecutiva de SIREN, Maricela Gutiérrez, comentó: "El Congreso volvió a fallar a DREAMers y a la comunidad de inmigrantes al aprobar una resolución continua sin soluciones de inmigración. En cambio, muchos miembros del Congreso muestran su falta de preocupación por estos valientes jóvenes. Con el debate del Senado esperado la próxima semana, el Congreso no puede fallarnos de nuevo. Ahora es el momento de asegurar que el Congreso aborde esta crisis y apruebe un proyecto de ley que es una Acta de DREAM limpia sin muro fronterizo, recortes en el sistema de inmigración familiar o eliminación del programa de visas de diversidad. Debemos asegurarnos de que el Congreso resuelva esta crisis ahora y no cede a la voluntad de los racistas y un matón en la Casa Blanca apoyando cualquier enmienda anti-inmigrante ".

Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) Condemns Budget Deal Without a Clean DREAM Act

Media Contact: Erik Schnabel, Development and Communications Manager
Phone Number: 408-453-3003

SIREN strongly condemns this week’s vote  in the House of Representatives on the budget continuing resolution and the Senate deal  which do not include a clean DREAM Act. The House voted 245-182 for a Continuing Resolution to extend government spending till March 23rd. This vote and the Senate deal continues the uncertainty that many of DACA-recipients and DREAMers particularly because the continuing resolution extends beyond the March 5th deadline to end the DACA program without a legislative solution.

We must remember that this crisis was created by Trump’s own decision to end the DACA program and establish the arbitrary March 5th termination date. Yet, Congress has the responsibility to pass a clean DREAM Act urgently and several California Representatives on both sides of the aisle failed to heed the call of their constituents in their votes. Among the House members who voted for the continuing resolution without a clean DREAM Act include Reps. Jim Costa, Jeff Denham, David Valadao, Devin Nunes, and John Garamendi. We want to acknowledge House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and all the representatives who participated in a filibuster of the House legislation by sharing stories of DREAMers and for their push to have Speaker Paul Ryan to commit to bring a vote on the DREAM Act. .

Last Friday, SIREN led an action and meeting with Rep. David Valadao’s office in Hanford, CA urging him to address the situation of DREAMers. But he clearly chose to ignore the voices of DACA-recipients, DREAMers, and immigrants from his district calling for him to withhold his vote on the continuing resolution and condemn anti-immigrant proposals on the table . SIREN Executive Director Maricela Gutiérrez stated, “ We have various members of Congress in California who voted with their conscience and withheld their approval of the continuing resolution. Yet, other Members of Congress and the current Senate deal cannot continue to ignore the DREAMers that live in their district nor brush aside calls to address the future of these young people who are making a difference in their communities. We urge California’s Senators and members of Congress to withhold their support of any deal that does not include a clean DREAM Act.”

Red de Servicios, Derechos de Inmigrantes y Red Educativa (SIREN) condena el Voto de la Cámara de Representantes y el Senado sobre la resolución continua sin una Acta de DREAM limpia

Para más información contacte a: 
Erik Schnabel, Gerente de Desarrollo y Comunicaciones con SIREN
Tel. (408) 453-3003

SIREN condena enérgicamente el voto de ayer en la Cámara de Representantes sobre la resolución continua del presupuesto y el trato del Senado hoy sin incluir una Acta de DREAM limpia. La Cámara votó 245-182 por una Resolución Continua para extender el gasto del gobierno hasta el 23 de marzo. Este voto y el acuerdo del Senado continúan la incertidumbre que muchos de los beneficiarios de DACA y DREAMers particularmente porque la resolución continua se extiende más allá de la fecha límite del 5 de marzo para terminar el programa de DACA sin una solución legislativa.

Debemos recordar que esta crisis fue creada por la propia decisión de Trump de finalizar el programa DACA y establecer la fecha arbitraria de finalización del 5 de marzo. Sin embargo, el Congreso tiene la responsabilidad de aprobar una Acta de DREAM limpia con urgencia y varios Representantes de California en ambos lados del pasillo no respondieron el llamado de sus electores en sus votaciones. Entre los miembros de la Cámara que votaron por la resolución continua sin una Acta de DREAM limpia están los representantes Jim Costa, Jeff Denham, David Valadao, Devin Nunes y John Garamendi. Queremos agradecer a la líder de la minoría de la Cámara, Nancy Pelosi, y a todos los representantes que participaron en una obstrucción de la legislación de la Cámara al compartir historias de DREAMers y por su presión para que el Rep. Paul Ryan se comprometa a votar el DREAM Act. .

El viernes pasado, SIREN dirigió una acción y se reunió con la oficina del Representante David Valadao en Hanford, California, instándolo a abordar la situación de los Soñadores. Pero él claramente optó por ignorar las voces de los destinatarios de DACA, los DREAMers y los inmigrantes de su distrito que lo llamaban para que rehusara su voto sobre la resolución continua y condenara las propuestas anti-inmigrantes sobre la mesa. La Directora Ejecutiva de SIREN, Maricela Gutiérrez, declaró: "Tenemos varios miembros del Congreso en California que votaron con su conciencia y no aprobaron la resolución continua. Sin embargo, otros miembros del Congreso y el actual acuerdo del Senado no pueden seguir ignorando a los DREAMers que viven en su distrito ni ignorar los llamados a abordar el futuro de estos jóvenes que están haciendo una diferencia en sus comunidades. "El Senado votará en breve sobre su acuerdo y luego se trasladará a la Cámara. Instamos a los senadores y miembros del Congreso de California a que no envíen su apoyo a ningún acuerdo que no incluya un Acta de DREAM limpia."

Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) Condemns White House Announcement to Not Extend DACA Deadline and Plan to Create of a National Vetting Center

Media Contact: Erik Schnabel, 
Development and Communications Manager
Phone Number: 415-377-0387

SIREN strongly condemns the news out of Washington DC today that Chief of Staff John Kelly has said that the White House will not extend the deadline for a legislative solution to the end of DACA beyond March 5th because, as Kelly stated, he’s “not sure this president has the authority to extend it”. In the same discussion with reporters, Kelly stated that President Trump will sign a presidential memo authorizing a “National Vetting Center” creating a physical location with rigorous screening for all foreign visitors, refugees, and others entering the U.S. as well as certain individuals currently in the country.

With the decision not to extend DACA beyond March 5th, it is clear that Trump is once again playing games with DREAMers while they anxiously wait for a legislative solution. SIREN Executive Director Maricela Gutierrez stated, “It’s become evident to anyone watching the situation that Trump is trying to sabotage negotiations in order to not find a solution to his own ending of DACA. Trump is clearly not negotiating in good faith and continues to appeal to his racist base by ensuring there is no legislation to address this situation created by him. It’s clear through numerous court cases that the President does have the authority to both support legislative solutions for DREAMers and also extend the deadline, but he is deliberately choosing not to. It’s politics at its worst!”

SIREN also condemns the new plan from Trump to create a “National Vetting Center”  as unnecessary and counter to American values. Contrary to Trump’s continuing assertion that there needs to be “extreme vetting”, visa applicants and refugees who have been approved for entry, already go through rigorous procedures to be allowed to enter the country. Refugees especially, go through a long and cumbersome process that can take years before they are approved for resettlement in the U.S. SIREN Executive Director Maricela Gutierrez stated, “It’s clear that Trump has no interest in finding a clear and humane process to address the problems with the current visa and refugee system. Instead, he’s completely fine with throwing away our country’s values in order to score cheap political points with his base, even when his ideas have no basis in reality and are filled with lies.”

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Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network

Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) condena
Anuncio de la Casa Blanca de no ampliar la fecha límite de DACA y planear la creación de un centro nacional de investigación

Contacto con los medios: Erik Schnabel, Gerente de desarrollo y comunicaciones
Número de teléfono: 415-377-0387
Correo electrónico:

SIREN condena firmemente las noticias de Washington DC, que el jefe de personal John Kelly ha dicho que la Casa Blanca no extenderá la fecha límite para una solución legislativa al final de DACA después del 5 de marzo porque, como dijo Kelly, “no está seguro de que este presidente tienga la autoridad para extenderlo ". En la misma discusión con los reporteros, Kelly declaró que el presidente Trump firmará un memorando presidencial autorizando un "Centro Nacional de Vetting" creando un lugar físico con una selección rigurosa para todos los visitantes extranjeros, refugiados y otras personas que ingresen a los EE. UU.

Con la decisión de no extender DACA más allá del 5 de marzo, está claro que Trump está jugando nuevamente con los SOÑADORES mientras esperan ansiosamente una solución legislativa. La directora ejecutiva de SIREN, Maricela Gutiérrez, declaró: "Es evidente para cualquiera que ve la situación, que Trump está tratando de sabotear las negociaciones para no encontrar una solución a su propia finalización de DACA. Trump claramente no está negociando de buena fe y continúa apelando a su base racista al asegurar que no haya legislación para abordar esta situación creada por él. Está claro a través de numerosos casos judiciales que el presidente tiene la autoridad para apoyar soluciones legislativas para SOÑADORES y también extender el plazo, pero deliberadamente elige no hacerlo. ¡Es la política en su peor momento!”

SIREN también condena el nuevo plan de Trump para crear un "Centro Nacional de Vetting" como innecesario y contrario a los valores estadounidenses. Contrariamente a la afirmación continua de Trump de que es necesario que haya una "investigación exhaustiva", los solicitantes de visas y los refugiados que han sido aprobados para ingresar, ya pasan por procedimientos rigurosos para poder ingresar al país. Los refugiados, especialmente, atraviesan un proceso largo y engorroso que puede tomar años antes de que se apruebe su reasentamiento en los EE. UU. La directora ejecutiva de SIREN, Maricela Gutiérrez, declaró: "Está claro que Trump no tiene interés en encontrar un proceso claro y humano para abordar los problemas con el actual sistema de visas y refugiados. En cambio, está completamente cómodo con tirar los valores de nuestro país para anotar puntos políticos baratos con su base, incluso cuando sus ideas no tienen ninguna base en la realidad y están llenas de mentiras ."

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Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network

Foro Comunitario sobre Inmigración con la Patrulla de Caminos de California

Para publicación inmediata:
6 de febrero del 2018
Contacto: Erik Schnabel,
Development & Communications Manager
(415) 377-0387 o (408) 453-3003


martes, 6 de febrero del 2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Foro Comunitario sobre Inmigración con la Patrulla de Caminos de California

San José, CA - La actual administración federal ha creado miedo entre nuestra comunidad inmigrante. Los miembros de la comunidad temen caer en manos de la migra  cuando se acercan a las escuelas de sus hijos, clínicas de salud comunitarias o agentes de la ley. SIREN con la Patrulla de Caminos de California (CHP) quiere informar a la comunidad inmigrante de las políticas actuales de la agencia en lo que se refiere a los inmigrantes. Existe una distinción entre la policía local y los funcionarios del estado de California y es importante que nuestra comunidad tome conciencia de la diferencia.
El martes 6 de febrero de 2018, los líderes inmigrantes de SIREN organizará un foro comunitario con CHP en la Escuela Primaria Los Árboles en San José. El foro brindará a la comunidad la oportunidad de aprender y hacer preguntas sobre las políticas de CHP relacionadas con la inmigración y cómo se relacionan con los inmigrantes. Los oficiales de CHP también compartirán información sobre el papel de CHP como agencia de aplicación de la ley.
El foro comenzará con una mesa redonda seguida de preguntas y respuestas.
Los Líderes Inmigrantes de SIREN estarán disponibles para entrevistas con los medios.

QUIÉN: Líderes inmigrantes y oficiales de la Patrulla de Caminos de California
QUÉ: Foro con la comunidad con la Patrulla de Caminos de California para explorar las pólizas de el Camino de Patrulla en relación con inmigración, informar a la comunidad sobre sus servicios y su papel como funcionarios estatales.
CUÁNDO: martes, 6 de febrero de 2018 empezando a las 6:00 PM a 8:00 PM

DÓNDE: Escuela Primaria Los Árboles, 455 Calle Los Arboles, San Jose, CA 95111
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For Immediate Release: 
Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Contact: Erik Schnabel, Development & Communications Manager
(415) 377-0387 or (408) 453-3003



Tuesday, February 6, 2018

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Immigrant Community Forum with California Highway Patrol

San José, CA -- The current federal administration has created fear among our immigrant community. Local community members are fearful of falling in the hands of Immigration, Customs, Enforcement (ICE)  when approaching their children’s schools, community health clinics or law enforcement officers. SIREN with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) wants to inform the immigrant community of the agency’s current policies as it relates to immigrants. There is a distinction between local law enforcement and California State officers and it is important that our community becomes aware of the difference. 

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, SIREN immigrant leaders will host a community forum with CHP at Los Arboles Elementary School in San Jose. The forum will provide the community the opportunity to learn and ask questions about CHP policies relating  to immigration and how they deal with immigrants. Officers from CHP will also share information about CHP’s role as a law enforcement agency. 

The forum will begin with panel discussion followed by Q&A. 

SIREN’s Immigrant Grassroots Leaders will be available for media interviews. 

WHO: Immigrant leaders and community members and California Highway Patrol Officers

WHAT: Community forum with California Highway Patrol to explore CHP policies in relation to immigration, inform the community about their services and role as state officers. 

WHEN: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM -8:00 PM

WHERE: Los Arboles Elementary School, 455 Los Arboles St, San Jose, CA 95111


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Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network

SIREN January 2018 Newsletter


One year has passed since the start of the new administration. The attacks on immigrants and refugees have been non-stop with a level of racism and cruelty that we could not have imagined. Fear-mongering and the demonization of immigrants are at the core of this administration’s agenda. As you may have read, the White House’s newly released immigration proposal aims to dismantle our current immigration, using the future of DREAMers as a bargaining chip.  

We cannot allow for this.   

The President’s State of the Union address underscores an immigration agenda that seeks to criminalize members of our community and make even more impossible the process to immigrate to the United States.  

We cannot stand for this. 

This past week, Holocaust Remembrance Day (on January 27) calls on us to remember a time when millions were persecuted and murdered by the Nazi regime. We are also reminded of the many brave, self-less individuals who stood up and put their lives on the line to save the lives of strangers. Their sacrifices give us strength and courage.  

Today we ask you once again to stand with SIREN and the people we serve. Immigrants and refugees are the heart and soul of our great nation. Their hard work, sacrifices, and dreams have fueled this country from our inception.  

Join SIREN as a member. Join us a monthly donor. Become an ally or volunteer. We must confront the harsh realities of today and fight like never before. 

In community spirit, 
Maricela Gutiérrez
Executive Director





 As you may have heard, the Trump Administration has announced that it will be ending Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for people from El Salvador, Haiti and Nicaragua. Regrettably, it will be making announcements on other TPS countries over the coming weeks. We urge individuals currently protected under TPS to contact SIREN to speak with one of our legal experts as soon as possible. Filing renewal paperwork on time is very important. 

Salvadorans can renew their TPS for one more period of authorization. The deadline to submit their application is March 19, 2018. SIREN will be holding legal clinics on February 25 and March 3 from 10am-3pm at Our Lady of Guadalupe church at 2020 E. San Antonio St. in San Jose. Please RSVP to:

SIREN will charge $100 to help with TPS renewal applications and people are requested to register for an appointment by calling SIREN at (408) 453-3017.   

When attending the clinics, people should bring the following:

  1. Photocopy of their expired permit. 
  2. Two passport photos. 
  3. Paperwork on any criminal charges they may be facing. 
  4. Any registration and paperwork received from immigration. 
  5. A check or money order made out to “US Department of Homeland Security” for $85 if just applying for Temporary Protective Status; or $495 if applying for Temporary Protective Status and Work Authorization. 





Lizbeth attends the University of California Santa Cruz where she is pursuing a double major in Sociology and Art. She is a Dreamer driven by the need to help her family, and the belief that every person should be treated with dignity, respect, and deserves basic rights and protections. 

Lizbeth, like thousands of other young people, in our community are living in fear, not knowing what the future holds. Help us alleviate the tremendous burden on their shoulders by helping SIREN raise funds for DACA application fees.  We cannot let this be a barrier for Dreamers. 

We invite you to donate today.  




Clean Dream Act Central Valley Action

Friday, February 2, 2018

4:00 pm to 5:30 pm 

1108 Irwin Street,  Suite 110B, Hanford, CA 93230


Community Forum / Foro Comunitario

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

Los Arboles Elementary, 455 Los Arboles Street,  San Jose, CA 95111


Citizenship and DACA Workshops

Thursday, February 15, 2018

3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

1110 Tucker Ave, Sanger, CA 93657


Friday, February 16, 2018

4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

1282 Belmont Ave, Mendota, CA 93640


Sunday, February 25, 2018 & Saturday, March 3, 2018

10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 2020 E. San Antonio Street,  San Jose, CA 95116


TPS Clinics / Clinicas de Beneficios de TPS

Sunday, February 25, 2018 & Saturday, March 3, 2018

10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 2020 E. San Antonio Street,  San Jose, CA 95116


FREE Citizenship Clinics / Clínicas de Ciudadanía Gratuitas

Wednesday, February 21 & March 21, 2018

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm 

SIREN Office, 1415 Koll Street,  San Jose, CA 95112


FREE Weekly DACA Clinics every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in San Jose. No appointment is necessary.  

FREE Weekly Legal Consultation Clinics every Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in San Jose. No appointment is necessary.  









Immigrants, DREAMers Gather for State of the Union Watch Party

Contact: Jeremy Barousse
Director of Civic Engagement, SIREN
(408) 460-5807


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

6:00 PM

Immigrants, DREAMers Gather for State of the Union Watch Party

After a year of anti-immigrant policies by the White House, Immigrants Share Their Experience in a year of Trump, reaction to State of the Union address

SAN JOSE -- On Tuesday, January 30th immigrants, DREAMers and allies will gather at the office of Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN) in San Jose to watch and react to Donald Trump’s first State of the Union. In his first year in office, Trump has advanced a white nationalist agenda that includes ending DACA and TPS for millions of immigrants, an unconstitutional travel ban on mostly Muslim countries, and has continued to demand billions of dollars for a ridiculous border wall.

Maricela Gutiérrez, Executive Director of SIREN said, “In the last year, Donald Trump has created a reign of terror for immigrant families. With his executive orders on immigration, the Muslim Ban, and termination of TPS and the DACA programs, he has clearly laid out his racist and anti-immigrant agenda. It is up to the community to push back against these hateful policies.”



WHO: Immigrants, DREAMers, Allies

WHEN: Tuesday, January 30 at 6pm

WHERE: SIREN Office located at 1415 Koll Cir. Suite 108, San Jose, 95112

Statement on White House Immigration Policy

After reviewing initial reports of the White House immigration proposal, SIREN condemns in strong terms what President Trump is proposing. Even though the White House won’t officially discuss it’s immigration proposal until Monday, it has confirmed the suggestions of what will be included to the media. In the confirmed detail, President Trump is proposing to offer a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million DREAMers, including the more than 800,000 DACA recipients who had seen their legal status put into jeopardy by President Trump’s ending of the program. Furthermore, President Trump's proposal seeks to provide relief to these undocumented young people by criminalizing their parents and refusing to extend a path to citizenship for their family members; ending the diversity visa program; ending certain family-based immigration routes which allows people to sponsor their immediate family; making the already insurmountable political asylum process even harder to achieve; hiring thousands of more Border Patrol agents and ICE officers with even fewer hiring standards or processes of accountability; and of course, building a $25 billion border wall that will be completely ineffective. Any one of these proposals is unacceptable, but together as a package, it is clear that President Trump is trying to bargain the future of DREAMers for acceptance of his worst immigration proposals. SIREN’s Executive Director, Maricela Gutiérrez,  “It is beyond a reasonable doubt, an unacceptable political game that seeks to trade a future for DREAMers to pander to the worst elements of his base with racist, white supremacists immigration policies that have repeatedly been debunked and proven to be ineffective. SIREN strongly condemns this horrible proposal to rewrite the immigration system through racist policy, unfounded political rhetoric, and failed ideas." The future of DREAMers is not something that can be traded in a political card game, especially through offering proposals that are unacceptable and represent the worst elements of a racist, right-wing policy that seeks to criminalize members of our community and make even more impossible the process to immigrate to the United States.

Después de revisar los informes iniciales de la propuesta de inmigración de la Casa Blanca, SIREN condena en términos enérgicos lo que el presidente Trump está proponiendo. Aunque la Casa Blanca no discutirá oficialmente su propuesta de inmigración hasta el lunes, ha confirmado las sugerencias de lo que se incluirá en los medios. En el detalle confirmado, el presidente Trump propone ofrecer un camino a la ciudadanía para hasta 1.8 millones de DREAMers, incluidos los más de 800,000 beneficiarios de DACA que vieron peligrar su estatus legal por el final del programa del presidente Trump. Además, la propuesta del presidente Trump busca brindar alivio a estos jóvenes indocumentados al criminalizar a sus padres y negarse a extender el camino a la ciudadanía para los miembros de sus familias; poner fin al programa de visas de diversidad; poner fin a ciertas rutas de inmigración basadas en la familia que permite a las personas patrocinar a su familia inmediata; hacer que el ya insospechable proceso de asilo político sea aún más difícil de lograr; contratar a miles de agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza y oficiales de ICE con aún menos estándares de contratación o procesos de responsabilidad; y, por supuesto, construir un muro fronterizo de $25 mil millones que será completamente ineficaz. Cualquiera de estas propuestas es inaceptable, pero juntas como un paquete, está claro que el presidente Trump está tratando de negociar el futuro de DREAMers para la aceptación de sus peores propuestas de inmigración. La Directora Ejecutiva de SIREN, Maricela Gutiérrez, comento "Es más que una duda razonable, un juego político inaceptable que busca cambiar el futuro de los DREAMers para complacer a los peores elementos de su base con políticas de inmigración racistas y supremacistas blancas que han sido desacreditadas y comprobadas repetidamente ser ineficaz. SIREN condena enérgicamente esta horrible propuesta de reescribir el sistema de inmigración a través de una política racista, una retórica política infundada e ideas fallidas." El futuro de DREAMers no es algo que se pueda intercambiar en un juego de cartas políticas, especialmente ofreciendo propuestas que son inaceptables y representan los peores elementos de una política racista y de derecha que busca criminalizar a los miembros de nuestra comunidad y hacer aún más imposible el proceso para inmigrar a los Estados Unidos.



Federal Government Shutdown As Anti-Immigrant Members of Congress Endorse Racism


Media Contact: Erik Schnabel, Development and Communications Manager

Phone Number: 415-377-0387



Tonight, the U.S. Senate voted to shut down the government because the anti-immigrant wing of Congress caved into Trump’s white supremacist agenda. The government’s fundamental job is to keep our country running for American families and communities. Yet, rather than fulfilling these basic duties, Trump and his supporters in Congress chose to allow their hatred against immigrants and children needing health care dictate budget negotiations. Throughout the continuing resolution debate, indeed emblematic of his past year in office, Trump has poisoned all political debate with racism and cruelty. Even though, Trump’s anti-people of color agenda comes directly from the playbook and at the bidding of hate groups, too many members of Congress have failed to stand up to him. And the consequences are serious for all Americans.

“What we need are legislative solutions from a mature leadership in Congress to address real problems caused by Trump’s hand. We must not forget that putting DREAMers in the position of having no certainty in their lives right now was the White House’s own making. Shutting down the government was entirely avoidable but they instead chose to play politics with the real lives of immigrant youth and their families. This shutdown is about nothing less than Trump’s extremism and anti-immigrant lawmakers spinelessness in the face of racism,” said Maricela Gutiérrez, Executive Director of Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN).
Many members of Congress from California, including Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein, voted with their conscience tonight. In the days ahead, SIREN urges members of Congress to commit to finding a solution by passing a budget and a clean DREAM Act. Let’s hope in the coming days that we are able to actually make this happen and a vote can be had on the future of DREAMers, children, and immigrant families impacted by this.

Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network



We Demand a Clean Dream Act

SIREN has been working relentlessly for a Clean Dream Act. Just this past week, SIREN leaders were in Washington, DC along with hundreds of other activists in the largest showing of civil disobedience in immigrant rights history. Maricela Gutierrez, SIREN’s Executive Director, was arrested in Washington, DC as she and hundreds of immigrant rights leaders demonstrated their unwavering commitment to fight for justice.

While SIREN staff and youth leaders represented Northern California in Washington, DC to fight for a #CleanDREAMAct, SIREN also led an action in Modesto with partners at Rep. Jeff Denham's office in Modesto. We delivered nearly 1,000 postcards and sang some holiday carols to support a CLEAN DREAM Act before the end of the year!

Here are two news articles about SIREN’s advocacy efforts:

Mercury News, 12/6/2017
Immigration activists push Congress to act on DACA

Daily Kos, 12/6/2017
Two members of Congress among the over 200 demonstrators arrested in support of Dreamers

#SIRENCARES Holiday Giving Campaign

The holidays are a special time to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. For many immigrants and refugees in our community, it is a time of sadness and anxiety, as many families have been torn apart. Many fear the malicious political environment that threatens their lives every day. 

SIREN’s work, helping immigrant and refugee families, has never been needed as much as today. We are working around the clock providing free legal services, pushing for more just public policy, and strengthening our community’s grassroots leadership.

During this holiday season, we ask for you to consider making a donation to our holiday campaign #SIRENCARES. Your generous donation will support continued policy advocacy, leadership development, and free legal consultations to keep families together this holiday season and all year-round.

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