Call to Action to Defund Hate/Pass Clean DREAM in Budget // Llamado de acción para desanimar el odio/aprobar el Acto de Sueño limpio en el presupuesto del gobierno

Congress must pass a spending bill to fund the federal government by March 23, and as we speak, Congressional leaders are currently negotiating how much money to give Trump’s deportation force, as he is asking for $21.5 billion to be included in Department of Homeland Security spending to ramp up his deportation machine and fund his border wall.

In the budget talks, Congress also has the unique opportunity to put over one million DREAMers on a pathway to citizenship by attaching DREAM Act legislation to an omnibus package in the budget bill.


Can you make a call to member of Congress and Leader Nancy Pelosi today to tell them to defund Trump’ hateful agenda and attach a Clean DREAM Act to the omnibus spending bill?



Feel free to use this script:

“Hello, my name is __________ and I live in (city) and I am calling to urge Rep/Sen _________ to vote against any budget deals that include funding for Trump’s deportation machine and to attach clean DREAM Act to the omnibus spending bill.”


 Please also sign our petition to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee, urging her to not support one dollar toward DHS funding and include clean DREAM Act in the spending bill.


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Llamada de acción para #DefundirElOdioYLucharPorUnActoDeSueñoLimpio

El Congreso debe aprobar un proyecto de ley para financiar el gobierno federal antes del 23 de marzo y mientras hablamos, los líderes del Congreso están negociando cuánto dinero dar al plan de deportación de Trump. Pide que se incluyan $ 21,500 millones en gastos del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional para aumentar su máquina de deportación y financiar su muro fronterizo.

En las pláticas presupuestarias, el Congreso también tiene la oportunidad única de colocar a más de un millón de Soñadores en el camino hacia la ciudadanía al unir la legislación de un Acto de Sueño limpio a un paquete general en el proyecto de ley de presupuesto.

¿Puede hacer un llamada hoy a la miembro del Congreso y líder Nancy Pelosi para pedirle que desembolsen la odiosa agenda de Trump y que incluyan un Acto de Sueño limpio en el proyecto de ley general de gastos?


Siéntase libre de usar esta guía:

"Hola, mi nombre es __________ y vivo en (ciudad) y llamo para instar a Rep / Sen _________  vote en contra de cualquier acuerdo presupuestario que incluya fondos para la máquina de deportación de Trump y adjuntar un Acto de Sueño limpio al proyecto de ley de gastos ómnibus".

También firme nuestra petición a la senadora Dianne Feinstein, que forma parte del Comité de Asignaciones del Senado, para presionarla a no apoyar un dólar para obtener los fondos del DHS e incluir un Acto de Sueño limpio en el proyecto de ley de gastos.


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Maricela Gutierrez

Hundreds of Youth Walkout and March to San Jose City Hall and Federal Building in Support of Clean DREAM Act and TPS and to Denounce Cruel ICE Enforcements

SIREN Press Release 3/6/18
Media Contact:
Erik Schnabel
Communications Manager

Hundreds of Youth Walkout and March to San Jose City Hall and Federal Building in Support of Clean DREAM Act and TPS and to Denounce Cruel ICE Enforcements

Yesterday, hundreds of high school and college students walked out of classrooms across San Jose to urge congressional action on a Clean DREAM Act and Temporary Protective Status, and also denounce recent abusive ICE actions in Northern and Central California that resulted in the 232 people being detained. The local action, led by Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN), was part of a National Day of Action for a Clean DREAM Act, that saw actions all across the U.S. and a civil disobedience campaign in Washington D.C. urging Congress to act. As students converged on the plaza in front of San Jose City Hall, speakers took the stage to share why they felt the need for action that resulted in student walkouts. Several of the speakers who have received DACA addressed the personal impact of the Trump Administration ending the DACA program, and Congress failing to act to find a permanent solution for the affected young people. As student speaker Amairani Oronia said, “DACA has given me the opportunity to work and go to college. I have protection from immigration because of DACA but for how long?” Although speakers discussed how important DACA is to them, they were also clear that they weren’t willing to compromise their family members in order to get see DACA passed. Several of the speakers referred to various legislative solutions that have been discussed which proposed passage of DACA at the expense of criminalizing their parents for bringing them here or that pushed for the end of certain family categories in the family reunification immigrant program. Many of the speakers also denounced the recent ICE actions across Northern and Central California that occurred last week, which saw the arrest of 232 people. As has been well documented, ICE actions were extremely troubling and caused widespread panic among immigrant communities; with report of racial profiling, ICE vans driving around public parking lots, denial of detainees access to counsel, and various abusive practices. As SIREN Youth Leader, Nithya Badrinath stated in her speech, “ICE has deported, is deporting and wants to deport even more people who came to this country to chase the American Dream, the ideal that this country was founded on, to escape violence and hardship in their native countries, and to live a normal life where they can feel safe and protected”. After gathering at San Jose City Hall to hear the speakers, the youth then marched to the Robert F. Peckham Federal Building to continue the rally, before returning to San Jose City Hall to finish the action.


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