New poll finds most parents don’t support arming teachers

New poll finds most parents don’t support arming teachers

The immigrant advocacy group Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) in San Jose has been fielding more concerns about immigration raids than in the past. Children are worried about their parents being deported, said executive director Maricela Gutierrez, which can make it hard for them to focus in class. Some school districts have even seen a decrease in student attendance, she said, after high-profile raids.

“It’s going to have long-term effects on how our children are seeing our government,” she said, “and the distrust they are building in our federal government.”

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We Demand a Clean Dream Act

SIREN has been working relentlessly for a Clean Dream Act. Just this past week, SIREN leaders were in Washington, DC along with hundreds of other activists in the largest showing of civil disobedience in immigrant rights history. Maricela Gutierrez, SIREN’s Executive Director, was arrested in Washington, DC as she and hundreds of immigrant rights leaders demonstrated their unwavering commitment to fight for justice.

While SIREN staff and youth leaders represented Northern California in Washington, DC to fight for a #CleanDREAMAct, SIREN also led an action in Modesto with partners at Rep. Jeff Denham's office in Modesto. We delivered nearly 1,000 postcards and sang some holiday carols to support a CLEAN DREAM Act before the end of the year!

Here are two news articles about SIREN’s advocacy efforts:

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