Welcome to the Team, Ambar Gonzalez!


Ambar Gonzalez was born and raised in Santa Clara County. Growing up she discovered a passion for politics, and found herself interested in finding an opportunity related to political activism.  She attended Fisk University in Tennessee where she received a degree in psychology and political science.

After graduating, Ambar moved back to San José and volunteered with many organizations, but it wasn’t until she attended a protest in San Diego to defend children held in detention camps that she found her calling. The protest helped her realize her interest was to champion immigrant rights, and fight to abolish ICE.

Shortly after, Ambar began attending SIREN’s Youth Leadership Program meetings. Her passion and love for our beliefs was what sparked an interest to apply. “ I am ecstatic to be working with SIREN and want to help others be involved and informed, not only about immigration but about their civil rights as well,” she said.