SIREN Empowers New Voters

Edwin and Lezba are long time legal permanent residents who came to SIREN's free, monthly Citizenship Legal Clinic for naturalization services. They had put off applying for naturalization because they were nervous about the administration and possible consequences of failing the examination. After coming to SIREN’s Legal Clinic, they spoke with one of SIREN's Attorneys who eased their fears about applying and helped them to fill out the applications.

In April of this year, Edwin and Lezba returned to SIREN with their naturalization certificates in hand. Edwin, especially proud, indicated that he had answered all of the questions on his citizenship exam correctly. They both plan on voting in the upcoming elections and are very happy to be newly minted US citizens.

We are so proud of Edwin and Lezba for overcoming their fears and becoming empowered US citizens! For more information about our citizenship programs and services, visit us here.