An Inspiring SIREN Youth Leader, Amairani


SIREN has always believed that our best years are ahead with the next generation of youth leaders with progressive values and relentless passion and dedication. This is why SIREN’s Youth Leadership Program, designed for immigrant youth (14-25 years old), is focused on providing valuable leadership, community organizing, and policy advocacy skills, and learning about issues affecting immigrant communities.

We would like to share the story of Amairani who has been participating in our program since 2016. She became involved with SIREN because her family is directly impacted by the current wave of anti-immigrant policies. “I strongly believe that I need to be in the forefront and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves,” Amairani said.

As a DACA recipient, she is proud to be able to fight for the rights of others. For youth who are looking for ways to get involved she strongly recommends SIREN’s Youth Leadership Program because of the friendship and support she feels from being around like-minded participants. “Together we are able to come up with creative, innovative ways to help our community. The program also provides us an outlet to channel our energy and concerns in a positive way.”

Thank you, Amairani, for being a strong and powerful leader!