Central Valley Legal Team is Saving Lives

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SIREN launched the first Free Weekly Removal Defense Clinic in the Central Valley to support individuals in removal proceedings or who are at risk of deportation by offering free legal consultations to Central Valley residents. About half of the people we help live in Fresno and the other half come from rural towns located throughout the Central Valley. Some people have driven from as far as Stockton and Bakersfield to attend our Tuesday clinics. The clinics are immensely helpful because we inform Central Valley residents about their legal options, their rights and analyze their cases and advise them on next steps. From those consultations, we are now representing several individuals with their cases. Individuals like one of our clients Susana:

Susana lives in Fresno and is the mother of five children; two below the age of 10. She made the decision to leave Mexico after her ex-partner tried to kill her - leaving her with a cracked skull and several busted teeth. Had it not been for the women who came to her aid, Sofia may not be here today.

SIREN is helping Susana, so she can live without fear of abuse from her ex-partner. If she wins asylum, she and her two kids will be able to live in the United States and eventually can become legal permanent residents.