SIREN Condemns Trump Administration’s Ending of TPS for Honduras

Press Contact:
Erik Schnabel, Communications Manager


SIREN strongly condemns today’s action by the Trump Administration to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for people from Honduras. This end of legal status  Hondurans, which is effective 1/5/2020, impacts over 57,000 people. Even more outrageous, is that this is the second time in a week, and the sixth time since the beginning the year, that the Trump Administration has ended TPS for individuals needing protection. With his ending of TPS for Honduras, Nepal, El Salvador, Haití, Nicaragua and Sudan, he has ended TPS for more than 310,000 people this year. Many who have had their legal status ripped away from them through this callous act, have lived him for years, some as many as 20 years or more. People have raised their families here, contributed to our communities, and been our neighbors, only to find their only legal protection to continue their lives here ripped away without any thought or consideration of the impact on people’s lives. While the Department of Homeland Security, who made the recommendation to end TPS, says it studied conditions in Honduras before it made this decision, it's clear that Honduras continues to be impacted by many of the conditions that created TPS status originally, including rampant violence and numerous human rights violations on communities across the country. SIREN’s Executive Director Maricela Gutiérrez stated, “Today’s decision by the Trump Administration to end TPS for Hondurans is one more anti-immigrant outrage. Everyday, immigrants and communities of color are facing real consequences of this heartless Administration. We call on Congress to take serious actions to stop these attacks of these communities and begin to stand up to cruelty of Trump and his Administration. What we need is legislation that creates a permanent solution to TPS and ensures that people who have been living here, are able to stay here. SIREN continues to stand in solidarity with our Honduran community, and will continue to speak out to find a solution to this outrageous ending of TPS.”

Maricela Gutiérrez - Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network

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