Services, Immigrants Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) Applauds Latest DACA Court Decision

Media Contact: Erik Schnabel,
Communications Manager

SIREN applauds the latest decision  by a federal court in the District of Columbia that ruled that the Trump Administration ending of DACA was unlawful unless they came up with a better argument as to why they ended it. The decision by federal judge U.S. District Judge John Bates was another slap in the face to the Trump Administration in its decision to end DACA. For the third time, a federal judge have reprimanded Trump Administration for ending DACA, and called the Administration out for how it ended it. What is different about this new decision by Judge Bates, is that it opens up the possibility that the federal government will have to start accepting new DACA applications, whereas the two previous decisions were just about renewing DACA applications. Unfortunately, nothing happens right away, as Judge Bates has given the U.S. Department of Homeland Security 90 days to come up with a valid reason for why it ended DACA. However even though new applications cannot yet be submitted, thanks to the previous decisions by federal courts in California and New York, DACA renewal applications are still being accepted. 

While there is no immediate change that comes from the decision right away, SIREN is optimistic that eventually there will be movement to open up the possibility of the federal government accepting new DACA applications. SIREN demands DHS and the federal government accept the judge’s decision and allow for new applications to begin to be accepted. SIREN’s Executive Director Maricela Gutiérrez stated, “Those of us that work with DACA eligible individuals are extremely pleased that another federal judge has called out the Trump Administration for its heartless and unreasonable decision to end DACA. For the third time, a federal judge has stated what we all know: that Trump’s decision was not based on any reason other than his hatred for the immigrant community. Trump has been using DACA youth as a political tool in his war against immigrants. We urge DHS and the Trump Administration to give into reality and to stop playing games with DACA youth, and ultimately for Congress to act to grant DREAMers a permanent path to citizenship so they can stay in the U.S., their country.”

Maricela Gutierrez - Executive Director
Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network

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