Services, Immigrants Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) Condemns Lawsuit by U.S. Department of “Justice” Over California’s Policies

Media Contact: Erik Schnabel
Communications Manager

SIREN strongly condemns U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against California’s laws to protect immigrants. Specifically, the lawsuit challenges provisions of three policies enacted in California: the Immigrant Workers Protection Act (AB 450), oversight of the immigration detention system through AB 103, and the California Values Act (SB 54). 

These policies were passed as a direct response to pushing back against the racist war on immigrants launched by Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration. In the last few weeks, the Trump Administration has carried out Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) actions that included racial profiling, denial of access to counsel, increased enforcement at worksites, and detention of immigrants.  The policies that California, as well as local jurisdictions have enacted ensure greater oversight over detention abuses, provide rights to immigrant workers affected by immigration enforcement at their place of employment, and limit state and local law enforcement agencies in facilitating the deportation of community members. Sessions and Trump have long been intent on punishing California for our compassion and standing on the right side of justice.   

SIREN’s Executive Director Maricela Gutierrez stated, “Attorney General Sessions has proven repeatedly that he is motivated to act based on racism and misunderstanding of the law. He has shown that he will use the Department of Justice to carry out a war on immigrants, communities of color, and the Constitution. Jeff Sessions is one of the leaders’ of this Administration’s white supremacist agenda and he clearly brought his racist agenda with him to Sacramento today. California will continue to fight this Administration in the courts, in the legislature, and in the streets. ” 

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