The Supreme Court of the United States, also known as SCOTUS, is often forgotten by most of the United States, especially during an election cycle as turbulent as this one, but how could someone like me forget it when the 8 people inside were about to hear the arguments that could change my life. We call them Justices in hopes that they will make the decision to provide as many as 11 million people with deportation relief, a work permit, and the security of remaining with their families. In a span of 24 hours I experienced all emotions possible to a human being fighting for the dignity to live without fear.

Washington DC is full of history, both old and new and I wanted to be a part of that history. From 9pm to 11am I waited on the cold concrete sidewalk for the chance to get even a glimpse of the proceedings taking place inside. When morning came we were joined by thousands of people who supported this movement. We expected anti-immigrant groups to attempt to stifle our passion and perseverance, but our sheer numbers and intense desire for justice made any so called “anti” irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. As a movement, we were unstoppable and we were heard. In the words of Justice Sotomayor, “I think it's important to move people beyond just dreaming into doing. They have to be able to see that you are just like them, and you made it,” and that is what this movement is about. Making others see us for what we are; mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, Americans, and most of all, human.