Action Alert: Santa Clara County Must Stand on the Side of Compassion

Urge County Board of Supervisors to Support Developing a Plan for Unaccompanied Immigrant Children

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As members and allies of the immigrant community, it is impossible to not be moved by the heartbreaking stories of unaccompanied immigrant children seeking refuge in the United States. These children have endured unimaginable violence and trauma in their home countries and on the treacherous journey north. In July, after visiting the border and seeing these children being housed in crowded detention facilities, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren made an impassioned call to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to welcome and provide support to these children.

On Tuesday, August 5, the Board will take up this very issue. Specifically, Board members will vote on whether to authorize the County Executive’s office moving forward on a host family and legal support plan, with community-based organizations and government agencies, for these children. Our County has a long history of welcoming immigrants and protecting the most vulnerable – moving forward on a support plan builds on this proud tradition, leverages the expertise of local organizations that serve children and immigrants, and shows our compassion for those in need. 


Can you spare a few minutes today and take 2 simple actions to show that Santa Clara County stands behind these children?

1.    Call or send an email to your County Supervisor. Anti-immigrant activists are already sending their emails – let’s counter their message! Below is a sample message that you can make your own:

My name is __________________ and I live in ___________________. I am proud to be a resident of a county that has been a national leader in welcoming immigrants and protecting the most vulnerable. Our County should continue to be a beacon of compassion and provide support to unaccompanied immigrant children who have endured untold violence and trauma. We must remember that, first and foremost, these are children who deserve safe shelter in our country and guidance as they navigate our immigration legal system. I urge you to vote in favor of authorizing the County Executive’s office to move forward on developing a housing and legal support plan to meet the urgent needs of these children. Community members, organizations, and government agencies across the county are ready to help – let’s make sure the County makes that a reality. Thank you.


2.     Sign the petition to the Board of Supervisors. We are planning to deliver the petition during the August 5 Board meeting to show the groundswell of support for these children.

If you can, stand with us at the Board meeting on Tuesday to show our support of the children. The meeting starts at 9 a.m. on August 5.

Board of Supervisors' Chambers

County Government Center, 1st Flooring

70 W. Hedding Street

San Jose, CA 95110


If you are able to join us, email Jeremy Barousse, SIREN Community Organizer, at


Sign the Petition

Tell the Board of Supervisors to make Santa Clara County a welcoming environment for children fleeing harm.



District 1

Board President Mike Wasserman  (408) 299-5010  -

District 2

Supervisor Cindy Chavez  (408) 299-5020  -

District 3

Supervisor Dave Cortese  (408) 299-5030  -

District 4

Supervisor Ken Yeager  (408) 299-5040  -

District 5

Supervisor Joe Simitian  (408) 299-5050  - Click here to send an email.



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