Press Statement: Will Senator Feinstein Show Leadership & Compassion for Children Fleeing Violence?

As the Senate begins debate on humanitarian aid for refugee children, will Senator Feinstein align herself with anti-immigrant bullies?


San Jose, CA— Local eyes will be on Senator Feinstein today and tomorrow as the U.S. Senate takes on the supplemental spending bill to address the child refugee emergency rising at the southern border. Will Senator Feinstein stand on the side of compassion and make sure protections remain in place for these children fleeing violence?

“We hope Senator Feinstein continues to demonstrate the compassion and values we hold dear as Americans when she votes to make sure funding goes towards protecting these children, not detaining and deporting them,” said Priya Murthy, Policy and Organizing Program Director, SIREN. “While anti-immigrant members of Congress are choosing to be callous and simply deport these young children back to the murders, crime, and violence they escaped, stripping away their due process rights and protections, we need Senator Feinstein to stand up for them.” 

SIREN, along with other Santa Clara County immigration reform activists, faith leaders, and labor, is explicit that under no conditions should any supplemental funding include rollbacks in policies that strip away due process rights and protections for immigrants and children, attack Dreamers or prioritize border enforcement and detention.  Members of Congress should support measures that allow these refugee children who have fled from violence and abuse in Central America to have legal representation, due process, and be reunited with family.

This week, the Public Religion Research Institute released a new poll showing that 7 out of 10 Americans view these children fleeing the violence in Central America as refugees and should be treated as such with the proper protections and rights.

While anti-immigrant protests proved to be unsuccessful across the country last week, in Santa Clara County some elected officials are eager to help. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors is gearing up to discuss how to best support immigrant children coming to the Bay Area after the July recess.


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