Action Alert: Urge Members of Congress to Protect Children Fleeing Violence

Call Senator Feinstein Today!


Tens of thousands of children, many traveling alone and facing grave dangers on their journeys, have been coming from Central America to flee extreme violence and seek safety in the United States. Under current law, these children have the right to basic protections, including having their case heard in a fair and thorough manner by a judge. But some Congressional and state lawmakers are now calling for a rollback of these vital protections. Instead, they are pushing for faster deportations of these children back to violent and dangerous situations, additional barriers for asylum applicants, and increased border enforcement.

Senator Dianne Feinstein was critical in the unanimous passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) in 2008, which provides basic protections in terms of the legal rights, processing, and shelter of these children. We need to make sure that she remains firm against any proposals that would weaken these protections or increase funding for border enforcement. Unfortunately, anti-immigrant calls are far outnumbering pro-immigrant calls into her office.

We need you to call Senator Feinstein’s San Francisco office today and ask her to stand strong in support of protecting children fleeing from harm.


Senator Feinstein's San Francisco Office: (415) 393-0707 

You can use the following message:

“Hi, I’m [YOUR NAME], calling from [YOUR CITY], California. I’m calling to ask Senator Feinstein to stay strong and ensure protections for these children who are fleeing violence and persecution. I urge her to oppose deportations of refugees, drastic funding increases for border enforcement, and detention of children fleeing harm.”


This is a humanitarian issue that requires a humanitarian response – let us make sure that our country is leading with care and compassion for the children.